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DeAndra Craigman Studios


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AN unforgettable SENSORY experience

Transforming Spaces through scent and sound

Light. Scan. Experience

“These candles truly elevate any space they’re in. I love using the palo santo and sage candle during my meditations and anytime I need a bit of spiritual balance. Very well crafted and aesthetically pleasing!”


“These are easily the best candles I’ve ever experienced. And I say experience because they truly are just that. From taking it out the package to lighting the wick for the first time and the scent permeating my room...truly incomparable to any other candle I’ve had before."


“Everyone stops the moment they walk into my home to ask what candle I'm burning. The Lux Linen creates this beautifully fresh, clean smell that's warm and inviting. I burn it right before I'm expecting company and always get compliments!”


our values

Visual Appeal

We are dedicated to the artistry of design, ensuring that each product within our collection is visually captivating and aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a statement of style that enhances your living space.


Our commitment to making luxury accessible defines our brand, providing high-quality products at affordable price points. We believe in creating a balance between quality and cost, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the elevated experience offered by our brand.


Each piece is crafted not only to serve a practical purpose but also to immerse you in a unique and enriching experience. We are passionate about creating products that seamlessly integrate into your daily life while providing immersive experiences that elevate your surroundings.


"Throughout my life, I’ve been on a mission to elevate the art experience for my audience. I’m a lifelong artist, and my journey took a fascinating turn during the pandemic."


"Amidst the uncertainty, I stumbled upon a wild idea—to create an immersive art experience that engaged not only sight but also smell and sound. It was like a spark of genius!"


"The logic behind my venture was clear—I was solving a problem that no one else had addressed. I sought to bridge the gap between art and sensory experience, and I found the perfect medium in candles."

Made better

Our Standards