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Room & Linen Sprays

Indulge your senses in the embrace of DeAndra Craigman Studios' Home Fragrance. Versatile and captivating, our curated collection immerses your space in captivating scents, resonating sophistication and tranquility. With dual functionality as both a room and linen spray, this fragrance offers the flexibility to elevate the ambiance in every corner of your home. Transform your surroundings with each mist, creating an oasis of sensory bliss.

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Dark Rose Patchouli Room & Linen SprayDark Rose Patchouli Room & Linen Spray
Luxe Linen Room & Linen SprayLuxe Linen Room & Linen Spray
Santal Cardamom Room & Linen SpraySantal Cardamom Room & Linen Spray
Palo Santo & Sage Room & Linen SprayPalo Santo & Sage Room & Linen Spray